Signals Related Quotes

“We could hear beeping and warning signals going off.”

Ronda Giles

Personal abuse is no substitute for policy. It signals panic.

Margaret Thatcher

?It has certainly sent many negative signals not only here but internationally.?

Benjamin Diokno

That's something that is almost accidental at the beginning of a career, but the more you write, the more trained you are to recognize the little signals.

Stephen King

“The constitution doesn't give the king such sweeping powers. By reviving the house on his own he signals he still has absolute power to make and unmake such stupendous decisions on his own.”

Yubaraj Sangroula

I like communicating with cats. I know them and their body language - as my own cats know mine very well. Cats are adept at reading subtle signals.

Marge Piercy

“I think investors are somewhat confused, we're getting all kinds of conflicting signals from bonds and from quantity prices, and given the fact that valuations are so high I think there's a lot trepidation.”

Doug Porter

What is addiction, really? It is a sign, a signal, a symptom of distress. It is a language that tells us about a plight that must be understood.

Alice Miller

“Using separate base inputs, we can apply two independent signals to the active region of the transistor laser.”

Milton Feng

“We look at where the branches of these cells go, what signals they release and when they release them, and who is listening. We want to follow the chains of cells that respond to signals from the clock cells. We're hoping that path doesn't get too complicated too fast.”

Paul Taghert