Signals Related Quotes

I can't really walk well. The muscles don't get the electronic signals from my brain, not that there's anything wrong with the muscles themselves. It's just my brain.

Linda Ronstadt

If you shed all your inhibitions, your anger, your fears, and all your bitterness towards others, you will be receptive and you can recognize the signals when you come across your soulmate.

Girdhar Joshi

Many church folk, in their self-conscious attempt to be overtly morally upright, emit all the wrong signals, thus messing with people's perception of the gospel.

Alan Hirsch

If we ever established contact with intelligent life on another world, there would be barriers to communication. First, they would be many light years away, so signals would take many years to reach them: there would be no scope for quick repartee. There might be an IQ gap.

Martin Rees

“The credit markets have been very useful guides to industry prospects. Whatever reassuring signals they are sending shouldn't be ignored.”

Richard Dekaser

People are seduced by signals from the world, but that is manipulation, not reality. Computers have learned more about us than we've learned about them.

Douglas Rushkoff

We're not a manufacturer, or an airline, but we do use energy. Printing and publishing newspapers, producing films, broadcasting television signals, operating 24-hour newsrooms. It all adds carbon to the atmosphere.

Rupert Murdoch

Personal abuse is no substitute for policy. It signals panic.

Margaret Thatcher

I already shred all my mail. What am I supposed to do now? Use pay phones? Smoke signals? Train pigeons? There's no such thing as privacy anymore.

Dennis Adams

Today's endorsement by President Barack Obama of the creation of a Hamas-led Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders signals the most egregious foreign policy decision his administration has made to date.

Allen West