Silk Related Quotes

A whole bunch of big technological shocks occurred when Asian innovations - paper, gunpowder, the stirrup, the moldboard plow and so on - came to Europe via the Silk Road.

Charles C. Mann

I always have Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation, Bobbi Brown's Jenna lipstick, and my Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer.

Ella Eyre

“It embarrasses me to think of all those years I was buying silk suits and alligator shoes that were hurting my feet; cars that I just parked, and the dust would just build up on them.”

Washington Irving

I know when dark-haired evening put on her bright silk at sunset, and, folding the sea sidled under the sheet with her starry laugh, that there'd be no rest, there'd be no forgetting. Is like telling mourners round the graveside about resurrection, they want the dead back.

Derek Walcott

This unlikely story begins on a sea that was a blue dream, as colorful as blue-silk stockings, and beneath a sky as blue as the irises of children's eyes.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I grew up in the age of polyester. When I got to touch real silk, cotton and velvet, the feel of nonsynthetic fabrics blew me away. I know it's important how clothing looks, but it's equally important how it feels on your skin.

Colleen Atwood

Quiet is here and all in me. ("Dress of White Silk")

Richard Matheson

And who shall you be once you don your grand disguise?""La luna," she said with a smile."Then I shall be la notte to your moon" Archer lifted the hard black mask he held and slipped it over his thinner silk one

Kristen Callihan

The earthly power sucks shadowed milk from sleepy tears undone, from nippled skin as smooth as silk the bugles blown as one.

Peter Gabriel

It's hard to get up at 6am when you're wearing silk pyjamas.

Marvin Hagler