Silly Related Quotes

“They can't guarantee that I'll be alive tomorrow. Asking for a guarantee is just silly. The finances show we are in a position where we could do this now.”

Margaret Ponga

“Love is like seaweed; even if you have pushed it away, you will not prevent it from coming back.”

Nigerian Proverb

“The overall weakness was so pervasive that it would be silly to completely dismiss the devastating weakness of this report.”

Anthony Chan

“Sending him back out there, that's a little silly to try to do something stupid with a man's career. We haven't done that to him all year, and we weren't going to start today.”

Ron Gardenhire

“So it's not just a silly little stamp collection that's just sitting there. It's just awesome to see the accomplishments of black people, sometimes against great odds.”

Roxanne Chase

“This was a silly experiment. ... It has been well documented that great white sharks prefer brisket over bacon. These men had no business attempting such a dangerous experiment. I myself pioneered the study of great white shark food preferences and published the definitive work on the subject titled: Great White Shark Food Preferences: A definitive study.”

George Burgess

“W called me 'the young Delta Burke.' It's so silly. I weigh 105 pounds and wear a size two, but for some reason I'm a heavyweight.”

Christina Ricci

“It would be silly to say that diversity directly affects stock price. But what does affect stock price is good corporate governance, and diversity certainly is a part of that.”

Luke Visconti

“So he sighed and pined and ogled,And his passion boiled and bubbled,Till he blew his silly brains out,And no more was by it troubled.”

William Makepeace Thackeray

“It's an interesting theory, ... But you can put British actors in silly clothes and not look ridiculous. Now if the Brits were to make a western, it would fall apart.”

Ray Stevenson