Silly Related Quotes

“I was rather nervous and made silly mistakes at the beginning,”

Nadia Petrova

“All I want for Chistmas is a boyfriend, but it seems I'm on that damn naughty list!”

Wendy Girl

“It's something I care about for some silly reason.”

David Quarfoot

“I've been preaching to the guys out there, if you . . . keep making these silly mistakes, it comes back to haunt you in close ballgames, ballgames you should win. You're taking away opportunities from yourselves. We're beating ourselves more often than we're getting beat.”

Frank Robinson

“We've always maintained that the whole premise of her candidacy has been silly. Ms. McFarland is not a serious candidate and once again she's proved it.”

Christian Winthrop

“I'm not that silly and stupid to say this, ... I never said it. Let me clearly say this. I never said it, and I'm totally misquoted.”

Pervez Musharraf

“They took advantage of every silly mistake we made. On the first power play we gave up a shorthand goal and we never worked hard enough to deserve anything the rest of the period. We got what we deserved in the second.”

Ron Wilson

“In diplomacy you don't fire your major shots straight away. That's silly,”

Mr Howard

“It's just a silly allegation that Bangladesh has been denying the existence of extremists. We have been aggressively hunting them from the moment we knew they existed.”

Moudud Ahmed

“Creative people must entertain lots of silly ideas in order to receive the occasional strokes of genius”

Marshall Cook