Single Related Quotes

“Our people love this product. They put their heart into their work every single day.”

Dan Savage

I was single-minded on what I wanted to do since I was like nine or ten.

Sam Elliott

“There is a cost savings associated with it and an environmental savings because it reduces the waste that single-use devices creates.”

Shelley Miller

“If you take a risky single and get run out, you would be frustrated.”

Duncan Fletcher

“We were startled by the quantity of data directed at this single machine. Even a lone spam zombie can spew huge volumes of illegal e-mail across the Internet.”

Aaron Kornblum

“Every single thing on that computer was saved.”

Charlie Gephart

“It's probably the biggest single undertaking the department has ever done.”

Chris Mccloud

A single poemis worth a hundredcozy winter nightskind wordsand healed wounds.

Sanober Khan

“Condos are probably in worse shape than single-family residential. We've got a couple of years before we get the condos back in line.”

Dave Minton