Sit Related Quotes

“Why should investors sit passively by and take a couple of cents on a the dollar. This is an extraordinarily powerful tactical weapon.”

William Lerach

“Wise men ne'er sit and wail their woes”

William Shakespeare

“We managed to sit down with Russell, Peter and Clover (Moore) and the council and they could see the benefits for the area.”

Shane Richardson

“We're going to sit down and talk and figure out how to wrestle these matches. At this level it's hard to tell a kid to take it easy. … These guys are like pit bulls (at states).”

Matt Giampietro

“I think it's cool, ... We can sit wherever we want and we don't have to just sit here and get squished for the rest of the ride.”

Laura Wood

“We do not sit as a superlegislature to weigh the wisdom of legislation.”

William Orville Douglas

“Ninety percent of people wouldn't even consider a pit bull, so they just sit.”

Cherie Owen

“You just kind of sit back and let him do his thing. Don't mess with him too much. Evidently he's figured it out.”

Dru Mahoney

“There's no more cruising around and hanging out. Now I just go to the house and sit.”

Les Roberts

“sit down with the Russians in a way that's rational, and professional, and we don't intend to violate the treaty.”

Donald Rumsfeld