Situation Related Quotes

“We are not looking outside Lee County right now. If the county can't fix the road situation, we might have to.”

Charlie Kleman

“We've got a bad economic situation, a bad technical situation, so why should the market go up?”

Ken Sheinberg

“We've basically been forced into the paper ballot situation, it's not something we want to do.”

Steve Richardson

“I think it's mostly the uncertainty regarding the situation in Iran and the very clear decision of the IAEA to refer the country to the UN Security Council.”

Dariusz Kowalczyk

“This ground is not very good. The depth is hard to probe and the situation is much more complicated.”

Yaacob Yusuf

“Surely I am in a situation most drivers in Formula One want to be in.”

Kimi Raikkonen

“This is a very serious situation. I have to be very hopeful that we're going to see a peaceful end to this situation.”

David Ramsay

“The commissioner and the owners ... don't want to create [a situation of] one owner theoretically mad at another.”

Arthur Blank

“We're getting to a crisis situation. If we don't do something to address this problem, it is going to explode on the backs of taxpayers.”

Charles Wells

“These are tough and unusual times and I don't see the negative global economic situation abating anytime soon.”

James Mcnerney