Situation Related Quotes

“We were in a similar situation last year. And we came out and played a great game.”

Nate Leaman

“They had to do what they had to do. I couldn't have chosen a better situation than what I'm in right now. I'm where I'm supposed to be.”

Dominic James

“The normal dog case involves neglect, but here, we've gone far beyond neglect. We have a situation where the allegation is dogs used for fighting.”

Alex Taylor

“We think that there will be gradual improvement in the European situation; nothing dramatic however.”

W. Wayne Booker

“The date of the talks, considering the new situation and the government's plans to pursue peaceful nuclear program inside the country, should be examined, and we are following the matter.”

Gholamhossein Elham

“In a dynamic situation where things are always happening everyday, there are agreements and disagreements, but you carry on. If somebody feels that they have had enough, and it's time they look for something else, you have got to understand this.”

Ken Gordon

“One client took a physically guarded post type of situation and put in cameras to monitor, and tried to use the same employees and it failed. They had to retrain these people how to use the equipment. They also raised their income level.”

Gary Knight

“I have asked for a report on the medical situation, ... I want details of the injuries and timings of the operations. It seems to me that if these injuries were known about then they should have been operated on earlier.”

David Moffett

“nothing seems to break the Clinton-Giuliani deadlock. Almost everyone has heard of the mayor's marital situation, but the poll numbers show precisely the same standoff we found before all the stories and pictures.”

Maurice Carroll

“It is unfortunate that it happened and I have certainly learned from this situation.”

Andray Blatche