Situations Related Quotes

“Most missions respond or are prepared to respond to 'troops in contact' situations where the precision firepower of a combat aircraft may be required. Often, these missions don't require actual weapons deliveries, but rather a mere 'show of force' a combat aircraft produces.”

Col. Audrey Bahler

“I think I've been in some good situations where I've been on teams that needed a couple key players but already had their nucleus intact,”

Reggie Sanders

“Being seniors, we have to produce in these type of situations. We can't expect our freshmen to come through for us all the time.”

Michael Campbell

“When you're put in situations like that, they're kind of hard to come back from and we didn't do it. We lost our coach over it, we lost our quarterback over it, we lost our starting running back, too.”

William Whitticker

“This was by far our best hitting game of the season. One hit in any of those situations, and we could have opened the game up.”

Chris Terry

“He continues to do what he does in big situations. That guy is amazing. I'm just thankful he's on our side.”

Matt Moore

“Both Mark and I have been in situations where we've had our homes destroyed.”

Suzette Dawson

“Unfortunately, it's one of those situations where, whatever is recommended, at least 50 percent of people are guaranteed to be upset.”

Wayne Beatty

“We just changed (some) personnel and carried it over to base situations. So, really it was something we had been doing earlier on in the season and having some pretty decent success with. We just carried it over to the base packages.”

Mike Tice

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

Charles R. Swindoll