Six Related Quotes

“She ran a great race. That's probably worth five or six seconds (had the weather been better). She beat some really good girls, who I know she has never beat before. She had a really big final 300 (meters), came from behind to win.”

Chris Fox

“In twenty-six years in the pros, I haven't noticed many changes. The players are faster, bigger, smarter, and more disloyal to their owners, but that's about it.”

George Blanda

“The clearinghouse issue hasn't been cleared up. It may be cleared up in two days, five days, six months, I don't know. If it's just a couple of days he could come right back, but if it's too long he'll have to wait and come in January.”

Phillip Fulmer

“We are far away from a durable peace. Too much blood has been shed in the past six months.”

Walter Rodgers

“Their initial pump was designed for a six-foot-tall, healthy male. So the pump was sized for the flow this 180-pound guy who plays tennis would have. Most of the patients that need this pump aren't that person.”

Matteo Pasquali

“In the past, a single fragrance had a life cycle of maybe six to seven years, because people would stay loyal to a scent for a longer period of time. The life cycle is much shorter now, especially with the younger consumers, who always want the latest product.”

Wendy Liebmann

“We had a lot of interest in the job, and I wound up interviewing six people for the position. We just felt that Dee was what we were looking for, and it all kind of happened so fast between the interview and her accepting our offer.”

Chico Caldwell

“She is so dedicated. In six years, she's only missed one practice, and that was to get her driver's license. The other players really look to her for leadership.”

Chrysti Noble

“What should have taken perhaps six years took nine or 12. Often, you had a completed plant just sitting there while you discussed some of the issues being raised.”

Adrian Heymer

“We scored six runs in the first inning. We had three hits and one walk in that inning and Stowe had seven errors. And then after the first inning it was a 3-3 ball game.”

Aaron Hill