Ski Related Quotes

“We see that snowboarders are really influencing ski and resort culture overall, and we want to be a part of that.”

Russ Pecoraro

“The hardest thing is to ski your count in your head. You are counting and trying to visually look down the hill to stay in synch with who your leader is. You are using visual skills and thinking.”

A.j. Jones

“I guess I won't have to wear my down-filled coat and ski mitts, or shovel the driveway.”

Randy Carlyle

“Because ski and snowboard racing is an alternative sport to the mainstream football, baseball, basketball, etc., it allows a whole new group of kids to participate in a team sport and to learn responsibility, respect, teamwork and time management.”

Chris Smylie

“Their girls are like our boys. They have great depth. If they all stand up and ski their best, nobody can touch them.”

Christy Salonen

“I can sleep at night knowing that for the last two years I gave everything I had for the ski jumping movement in my country. I have dedicated myself more than I thought I could and ended up working 100-hour weeks desperately doing any and everything I could do to break through -- all with a tiny budget and no support staff. When I realized that my aspirations and expectations were higher than the reality of our situation, I knew I had to retire.”

Corby Fisher

“A majority of the oracles feared that the ski village would pollute the local culture and sacred spots on hill tops which belong to deities.”

Maheshwar Singh

“People think they need to be at a ski-in/ski-out resort, but the reality is it's not such a big deal to jump on a shuttle.”

Craig Cook

“If some cities in southern China could set up ice rinks or indoor ski resorts and involve more people, the reserve force of the country's winter sportsmen will become larger.”

Xiao Tian

“We see Vail shares as a value opportunity in light of a solid outlook for the 2005/2006 ski season and real-estate sales that should break records in terms of price per square foot.”

Will Marks