Slaughter Related Quotes

(Slaughter) means blood and iron. [Lat., Coedes videtur significare sanguinem et ferrum.]


No cause, no God, no abstract idea can justify the mass slaughter of innocents.

Edward Said

Maybe da Vinci didn't serve lamb in his painting of the Last Supper, but there was room for interpretation. Jesus himself was the lamb led to the slaughter.

Monica Drake

Said the tiger to the lily, Said the viper to the rose, Let us marry so our children May attain the double pose. With a feline half a flower With the attar in the asp We could institute a slaughter That would make a planet gasp.

Nathalia Crane

Yesterday, we slaughtered them and we will continue to slaughter them.

Mohammed Saeed Al-sahaf

Once war consisted of individual combats between armed men. Later it was waged between lines of men in opposing trenches. Now it is organized slaughter of whole populations.

Kirby Page

The earth affords a lavish supply of richess of innocent foods, and offers you banquets that involve no bloodshed or slaughter; only beasts satisfy their hunger with flesh, and not even all of those, because horses, cattle, and sheep live on grass.


“I was surprised and shocked. We had Lou, Heath and Slaughter, then we figured we had to pick two others. Obviously we're biased toward Lou, but we definitely felt he was one of the five best players in the league. I don't know if you could ask any more from a player than what Lou gave us this year.”

Lon Kruger

If the Republicans embrace these great people that are showing up, the Republicans are going to have a massive victory. It's not going to be a Mitt Romney slaughter, because he was such a bad candidate.

Donald Trump

[regarding US conquest of the Philippines] "I turn green in bed at midnight if I think of the horror of a year's warfare in the Philippines [...] We must slaughter a million or two foolish Malays in order to give them the comforts of flannel petticoats and electric railways.

Henry Adams