Slowly Related Quotes

“They were like, 'You can't have that. It's too expensive.' I was like, 'OK, 29.' Then I slowly went down to 17, 13, 11, nine. I said, 'I'm not going any less than nine. It's not going to make sense and there's not going to be enough kids.' But then I realized I could not chart nine kids in an hour and a half.”

Emma Thompson

“It's almost like slowly but surely everything is becoming controlled. What's next? Do you have to wear your hair a certain way? Are they going to tell us what color shoes we can wear? It's ridiculous.”

Antonio Daniels

“Most of them produced slowly and steadily over the whole season, and many of them were still growing and flowering right up to the end.”

Karen Schaffer

“Our team is slowly coming together. Rider led the way and was solid at the libero position. Not only was she able to dig the ball, but she passed to target which jump-started our offense. And Vasquez controlled the net.”

Kim Evans

“A team is a team. The team aspect that I've tried to develop over the years is slowly rising to the forefront. Stephen happens to be our leader, but when people need to step up, this is what's going to happen.”

Leon Bell

“We need to have that inside-outside game and we're getting there slowly. Every game we get to use as a learning tool to get better.”

Darin Green

“We decided to double instead of slowly grow. We're really excited for them to come.”

Chris Huber

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop”


“Many retail investors were in panic mode, however many of them slowly began to come back to the marketplace as the cloud of uncertainty began to lift.”

Peter Cardillo

“They are going slowly and deliberately because the questions and the information they have to get out of people are very important to both sides.”

David Harris