Small Related Quotes

My name can raise money on a small-budget film.

Samantha Morton

Holidays are the best. I couldn't imagine being from a small family.

Kim Kardashian

“While auto sales make up a small share of GDP, they make up a big share of the change in GDP, ... As you see changes in the auto industry, it will contribute to headline economic growth numbers.”

Carl Tannenbaum

“It shows how tough it is to be a small player and really be able to get a foothold in the industry. I think it bodes well for larger airlines and it may prove difficult for other start-ups .”

Susan Donofrio

“We've had plenty of small males in the shallows for the past few weeks, along with a few big females. But with the moon phase and the warming water temperatures, this week should be the one to be on the water.”

Will Kirkpatrick

I have no small talk and Peel has no manners.

Duke Of Wellington

Small is not beautiful unless small is skilled and dedicated.

Gene Logsdon

It's a small world, but not if you have to clean it

Barbara Kruger

“Yeah, I can. As long as they are from along the wall, the small ice. I've got to win the battles along the wall and Kyle's got to do his regular job.”

Mike Kruse

“Clarksville has hedged small amounts in recent months. They do know about hedging, they just haven't done much lately.”

Mark Mccutchen