Smaller Related Quotes

“They've gotten smaller in size, color screen and now video capability.”

Rob Hoffman

“In terms of where my heart is most, it's in writing music for smaller ensembles coming out of chamber music and small groups of people jamming together. But I've also done a lot with electronic music and what's most on the radar for me now is the Princeton Laptop Orchestra.”

Daniel Trueman Gs

“We are getting good results against the top sides and not slipping up against the smaller ones. We are emerging as challengers for the title. There is still a big gap to reduce but, as the season goes on and we keep getting the results, our confidence will get bigger and bigger.”

Steven Gerrard

“I know it's good when I see a smaller film get recognized because it means more publicity for them. When you start producing and directing the movies become a little more like your children.”

Campbell Scott

“Segment your architecture so you have lots of smaller machines ... handling one application.”

Dan Woods

“Attackers are moving away from large, multipurpose attacks on network perimeters and toward smaller, more targeted attacks directed at web and client-side applications. As the threat landscape continues to change, users need to be diligent in keeping systems up-to-date with security patches and security solutions.”

Richard Batchelar

“My aim is to be in the team. The squad is a wee bit smaller than it was and it's up to us to push and if we get the chance, take it.”

Paul Lawson

“Japan and China is where we should focus in Asia rather than fragment by going into some of the smaller countries that might come along as acquisition opportunities,”

Chris Gent

“Stem cells tend to be smaller and have a slightly more compact shape than the differentiated cells. Differentiated cells appear to be much more spread and they appear to exert different levels of force on the matrix in which they are grown. That force can be read to a liquid crystal. Through simple changes of liquid crystal texture and color, our cell culture system is able to report, in real time, the cell interactions with the underlying support on which they are grown.”

Sean Palecek

“It was an older store with a smaller square footage. I think they didn't want to invest in it anymore.”

April Wooden