Soft Related Quotes

“But South Africa has become more resilient and this is likely to be a soft landing.”

Kristin Lindow

“We missed far too many chances and gave away soft goals in the match. We will now complete the classification matches and conduct a post-mortem when we return.”

Wallace Tan

“Flat, rubber soles, soft materials, open toe. We did a wedge shoe -- not too high, four centimeters, and it comes in an open toe or mule or a closed pump. It's very comfortable and looks a bit like a nurse's shoe.”

Laura Moltedo

“The course was changing throughout the day. It was warm in the morning and the course was soft, but as the second race approached, the cold front came in and the course began to ice up. There were lots of spills in the course of the second run, but they held tight and finished nicely.”

Chris Smylie

“They are lignite mines, a very soft, brown coal. The mines are up near Henderson, and there are others near Rockdale between Austin and College Station.”

Donald Owen

You show your vulnerability through relationships, and those feelings are your soft spot. You need to have a soft spot.

Victoria Pratt

“We had a great first and third periods. We just got soft in the second. We didn't really battle the way we have to.”

Dave Allison

“I wear soft spikes, so no problem. I am Switzerland. I take no sides. Vijay and I get along great. We talk all the time, so I'm going to enjoy playing with him. I only hope I can play as well as him.”

Arron Oberholser

“It looks like a soft-tissue injury, a badly bruised muscle.”

Jamie Reed

“This is part of the market adjustment we've been discussing, with a soft landing in sight for the housing sector. The level of home sales activity is now at a sustainable level, and is likely to pick up a bit in the months ahead. Overall fundamentals remain solid.”

David Lereah