Softest Related Quotes

What a curious workmanship is that of the eye, which is in the body, as the sun in the world; set in the head as in a watch-tower, having the softest nerves for receiving the greater multitude of spirits necessary for the act of vision!

Stephen Charnock

“They played harder, tougher and smarter. They deserved to win. That was one of our mentally softest efforts of the year, but at least there's some silver lining in there that we can still be close.”

Chris Roche

The softest of stuff in the world, penetrates quickly the hardest, insubstantial, it enters where there is no room...


“Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, a lizard's rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment - a little makes the way of the best happiness.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

“Ignorance is the softest pillow on which a man can rest his head”

Michel De Montaigne

I learned that the people who have the cards are usually the ones who talk the least and the softest; those who are bluffing tend to talk loudly and give themselves away.

Richard M. Nixon

Craziness attacks the softest eyes and hamstrings the gentlest flanks.

Pat Conroy

Music is the softest cushion in the world.

Niki De Saint Phalle

“That was one of the softest performances by a BU team in six years - in every way.”

Dennis Wolff

He who doth not smoke hath either known no great griefs, or refuseth himself the softest consolation, next to that which comes from heaven.

Edward Bulwer-lytton, 1st Baron Lytton