Solid Related Quotes

“I think he's a solid player ? he shoots the ball well for his size and goes to the hole hard. I'd like to see him put the ball on the floor a little better, but other than that, I think he's got a chance to make some money in this game.”

Reggie Theus

“Looks like he's just starting to tune it up a little bit. Hideki, he's just so solid as far as his work. He never gets out of his program. His work is the same if he's going good or if he's going bad.”

Don Mattingly

“That's international basketball. It's nothing flashy, but they play real solid. Something like this will help us for the state playoffs.”

Wayne Howell

“She played solid. She came up with some really good shots at times. It's difficult. I didn't give her a chance to play much, as well. If you make 41 unforced errors, it's really tough to win a match.”

Mary Pierce

“This was a solid, solid win tonight against a good Salem team. Our guys showed a lot of poise tonight against a Salem team that?s known for their late heroics.”

Matt Mitchell

“All four ran solid times. It was a nice relay. Marcus and John are seniors, so it's nice for them.”

Dave O'neal

“I think 22-8 with a solid strength of schedule would've gotten us in. It was a year of parity. There were three top teams in the region. It was really bunched from No. 4-20.”

Dave Balza

“The overall market is down; everything is getting hit, ... The quarter was a solid quarter for them and it was basically in line. But really, people aren't focused so much on the earnings anymore. They are more interested in the merger.”

Scott Davis

There's nothing wild about me. I'm a solid middle-aged man." "Except that once a month you turn into a wolf and go tearing around slaughtering things," Clary said. "It could be worse," Luke said. "Men my age have been known to purchase expensive sports cars and sleep with supermodels.

Cassandra Clare

Genius is a will-o'-the-wisp if it lacks a solid foundation of perseverence and fanatical tenacity. This is the most important thing in all of human life...

Adolf Hitler