Solid Related Quotes

“Our team is slowly coming together. Rider led the way and was solid at the libero position. Not only was she able to dig the ball, but she passed to target which jump-started our offense. And Vasquez controlled the net.”

Kim Evans

I think right now in the world we're feeling like there's no solid ground beneath our feet, you know?

Kelly Lynch

“Our pitching has been very solid all year and this was no exception a Marissa did a very nice job.”

Dale Lortz

“They are both solid runners. I don't know if Porter will play against us or not, but Thomas is a good back, too.”

Chris Pardue

Music is the vapor of art. It is to poetry what reverie is to thought, what fluid is to solid, what the ocean of clouds is to the ocean of waves.

Victor Hugo

“It also gives traders who are looking to add some more diversity to their portfolio away from resources some solid looking opportunities.”

David Land

My boyfriend isn't a rock star. His values are rock solid. We met at a dinner and he made me laugh.

Alek Wek

“I felt good, a good flow. It was a solid run. I'm here now thanks to a great job in the middle section.”

Daron Rahlves

Strong evidence suggests that we are dealing with a phenomenon that is being caused by palpable, solid objects whose characteristics are not of human design, and whose behavior is suggestive of intelligent control.

Peter Davenport

“He?s solid outside, he takes the ball hard inside. He gets you from a lot of different angles.”

Dave Bosso