Somebody Related Quotes

“Somebody like Chavez sees China as the counterpart to the U.S.. They see it as a way to diversify their sources of influence.”

Claudio Loser

“Who shot him? I asked.The grey man scratched the back of his neck and said: Somebody with a gun.”

Dashiell Hammett

“A girl told me my lips looked like somebody had pressed strawberry yogurt against my face.”

Katherine Heigl

“I was happy when I heard that Jeff was coming because that meant I would know somebody here.”

Ned Havern

“The purpose of the minimum wage is not to give somebody earning $25 an hour a $2-an-hour raise.”

Chris Cramer

“I expected to go third round or somebody would invite me. I'm just glad we all got drafted. Knowing I got drafted in the second round and being able to go home and play, that's a good thing.”

Willnett Crockett

“We want to make it available to somebody who wants to make a quality restaurant in the mid-valley. We think it's a good spot for a dining experience.”

Charles Cunniffe

“It felt like somebody had performed major surgery on me. But it was a way for my music to be played on the radio. It made it possible for everyone to hear the song.”

Chuck Mangione

“Over the last six years with licenses, whenever I've given somebody a foot, they've taken a football field,”

William Booker

“I wouldn't drink it, personally, but I'm sure there's somebody out there who might take an interest.”

Chris Lackner