Somebody Related Quotes

“He had a learning experience. It's the most amazing thing for somebody of his stature. It's because by himself, he walked around. He walked around and talked to people.”

Walter Isaacson

“It's time for a British boss, somebody who understands our passion, belief and commitment. There's no distinction between English and British.”

Dave Richards

“Somebody counted over 70 [Ajax] toolkits, including proprietary and open source. In open source, we have to pick a small number of those and concentrate our investment there.”

Scott Dietzen

“He's somebody we've got to be aware of and guard. I don't care how many shots he's made recently.”

Ed Dechellis

“It does seem that somebody wants to indicate that the conclave was a more complex process than was being depicted and that Benedicts mandate was not a slam-dunk.”

David Gibson

“We're going to investigate each one of them. We may put somebody conditionally under a license until they prove that they deserve to continue.”

Ken Smith

“You think you know somebody, but you find out if you travel with them for ten days.”

Wayne Quinlan

“I think of an author as somebody who goes into the marketplace and puts down his rug and says, ''I will tell you a story,'' and then he passes the hat.”

Robertson Davies

“What we really are – we're playing a little bit of Monopoly with somebody else providing the funds and that's Ottawa.”

Arthur Mitchell

“The purpose of the minimum wage is not to give somebody earning $25 an hour a $2-an-hour raise.”

Chris Cramer