Somebody Related Quotes

“What we really are – we're playing a little bit of Monopoly with somebody else providing the funds and that's Ottawa.”

Arthur Mitchell

“When you're sitting in your apartment and you're unemployed, and somebody offers you a job, unless it's something outrageous, you take it. I auditioned and I got it. I didn't have dance experience, except for some aerobics dance classes, and I had to dance at the final audition, and that was bizarre.”

Sean Patrick Thomas

?I was a little concerned that somebody we consider a pillar on our team wasn't ready when the bell rang. It was one of those, 'All ashore that's going ashore,' and she wasn't ready to go.?

Ben Smith

“Have you ever seen me happen upon somebody?”

Robbie Williams

“We were without one of our key players and we had to step it up. Somebody had to step it up and what happened was everybody stepped it up.”

Markel Humphrey

“Everybody don't wish you were Somebody, Be Somebody!- SRK”

Syed Sharukh

“It was gunfire. I know gunfire when I hear it. I knew somebody had gotten shot.”

Mary Thompson

“Everybody always wants to think somebody is going to walk up and throw a vial of some substance in the lake and kill millions of people, but we just don't have anything that can do that.”

Robert Barrett

“When Morgan gets shut down, somebody has to step up. Haley really stepped up and hit some crucial shots. We also had some pretty good role players step up as well and give us a big lift.”

Jamie Rains

“When he did come in here and interview, his knowledge came jumping out. He was somebody we couldn't pass up.”

Chris Petersen