Someone Related Quotes

I'm just someone who observes a lot.

Nadine Labaki

Always aspire to become the next you, not someone else

Prabal Gurung

I live to eat - when someone else cooks for me.

Saffron Aldridge

That's my prescription for a happy marriage - marry someone who doesn't do anything similar to what you do.

Maxine Kumin

Music is the surest way of reaching someone else's heart.

Dudley Moore

I hurt someone's feelings once.

Robert De Niro

There's always someone willing to believe malicious rumours.

Steig Larsson

If you won't leave me, I'll find someone who will.

Warren Zevon

When you give someone your hand, it needs to be clean.

Edgar Ramirez

Share too much and someone can hurt you.

Dorothy Koomson