Song Related Quotes

The type of music I like to sing is really those classic songs, those Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, classics.

Jacob Lusk

That is all I need to make a room full of happiness-two boys, one love, and a song.

David Levithan

Dour music has its own beauty, for the song of ruin is most fertile.

Steven Erikson

“I named the band. Our father wrote a song for us when we were little boys. It said, "I'm just a lonely, lonely boy ... I'm just a lonely, lonely boy." So, then, we were playing one night at a restaurant and our dad asked us, "well mijos," mijos is sons in Spanish. He said, "If we're going to do this, we need to have a name." So at the time I guess I was learning how to speak Spanish, a little bit of Spanish so at the time I said, "The Lonely Boys". And then I said, "Los is 'the', so, Los Lonely Boys." And then it just stuck and that was it ever since.”

Ringo Garza

“Different ideas had been talked about, that we could do the background music or even write a new song or something, but this became the perfect vehicle because we always had a thing between the four of us that if any one of us wasn't in it, we weren'”

George Harrison

“Life is about living the songs others only sing”

Andrew Dobson

It's not just about getting a song on the radio or appearing on television. It really is about helping people change their lives one day at a time.

Yolanda Adams

“If a song can't be written in 20 minutes, it ain't worth writing.”

Hank Williams

I just acquired a choir. I bought it for a song.

Jarod Kintz

I think my song that reminds me of Mama is "I'm A Survivor" because she is one.

Reba Mcentire