Sophomore Related Quotes

“She's a year more experienced and stronger. She's just a sophomore so she has a few more years left and I think she'll do very well.”

Mark Hiemenz

“Jason is a gifted athlete. He was a tremendous receiver as a freshman and a sophomore. He has great speed, he's tall in stature, he had good body strength and he catches the ball great. He's a really good soccer player also. He's a very talented kid.”

Glen West

“We wanted him to rebound and score off the break. His role as a sophomore expanded. We asked him to handle the ball, rebound more and play better defense. He handled it OK.”

Rick Klimchock

“We started him out as a wide receiver. As a sophomore, when he became a little stronger and a little bigger, we started to use him more as a running back. Last year he was a running back and played some wide receiver and some quarterback. We tried to use him each and every way we could. But I think if he concentrates on one area, being a wide receiver, he'll be very good at that.”

Stan Skowron

“He's a sophomore - I don't know how he compares yet. He's a better hitter.”

George Welsh

“We had a wonderful year last year. And ever since it ended we've been worried about that dreaded sophomore slump.”

Lars Tiffany

“I think I embrace that. Since I pitched last year, I'm more of a veteran than just a sophomore this year.”

Chad Mozingo

“Abel finished fourth in league as a sophomore. We're looking forward to having him back. Justin finished sixth in league last season. He's also running very well.”

Luis Escobar

“She's excited and ready to go. I think as a sophomore it's going to be a great experience for her. I think she has some expectations for herself. Hopefully she'll have fun and play well, and we'll see where things fall.”

Dave Holmes

“I think (sophomore) Matt Lawson has made big improvements. (Sophomore) Cage Major has been pretty consistent the first two weeks. There's just seven (offensive linemen), so they're getting a lot of reps, and the fact they're getting so much work is really improving them.”

Carroll Mccray