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I mean Gorilla was really our first sort of goes at songwriting.

Neil Innes

“We're right in the corner, with Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa. It would be nice to have some sort of consistency in how these are handled.”

Carl Petersen

“Rudy is sort of in a slump, I think.”

Marcus Williams

habits are happiness of a sort...

Randall Jarrell

“Singletary's a big shot-maker and so is Reynolds. It's sort of, 'Pick your poison.' As has been our wont lately, it ended up being poison.”

Skip Prosser

Thenewno2 is sort of my little prototype band, really.

Dhani Harrison

“Things have always sort of happened for me. Something else always comes up.”

Vicki Lawrence

“There was a tense sort of two or three days where we had not qualified for state and we were just waiting to find out to see if they had chosen to take us anyway.”

Michael Smyth

“He said Quayle's the sort who'd be good at rowing or playing rugby, ... I know rugby players. They run hard and they tackle hard, but then they go off the field and they can be quite gentle.”

Ralph Fiennes

We've sort of agreed that the account of Adam and Eve is a story.

Elie Wiesel