Sorts Related Quotes

Writing anything is a treason of sorts.

Anthony Bourdain

The truth is that men can have several sorts of pleasure. The true pleasure is the one for which they abandon the other.

Marcel Proust

“Manual had us out of sorts early on. I don't want to take anything away from Manual, but you can't give them cheap ones like we did. We gave up three big scores that you are not going to get back in a big game.”

Chris Wolfe

“It's such a great venue for all sorts of things.”

Debbie Beck

It turns out that strong typing does not eliminate the need for careful testing. And I have found in my work that the sorts of errors that strong type checking finds are no the errors I worry about.

Douglas Crockford

You've got to let people be just, you know, people. Everyone does bad things sometimes, for all sorts of reasons. You've got to at least understand.

Sarah Dunn

I work with whatever mediums seems best suited to evoking the sorts of thoughts and emotions I am interested in playing with.

Patricia Piccinini

Celebrity seems totally at odds with authentic community and honest, real sorts of relationships.

Rob Bell

In New York, you can just wake up and everything sorts itself out. I love that, not having a plan.

Kate Mara

I certainly do all sorts of work. I'm very, very blessed to do drama and other types of television, and things like that, but I always go back to sci-fi, whenever possible, because that's really exciting for me.

Gina Holden