Sound Related Quotes

“[Though it might sound unorthodox, Baker sees Chinese as his entrée into the business world. He is working full-time for D.K. Designs, a company that imports jewelry from China.] I would even consider moving to China, ... If a business opportunity arose.”

Cheryl Baker

“capturing the sound -- to be soulful, sincere, simple, be true to the motives of honoring the music. And that's all I concentrated on.”

Carlos Santana

“What we're looking for is basic improvement to the overall sound of the station.”

Chad Anderson

“Everything echoes inside the gym, and there's nothing keeping the sound in.”

Elissa Kline

“That may not sound like a lot, but if you have five plays that could change the game if not corrected, that is a pretty strong percentage. We thought that providing a coach's challenge would act as an additional safety net and give the coaches more involvement in the process.”

Charles Broyles

“Hey, Dan [Rather], is that Texasisms? You sound like sort of the newsman's Ross Perot.”

Larry L. King

“They are very fundamentally sound, they take care of the basketball. They don't have one guy who they rely on. They have good wing players, and the point guard is as steady as they come.”

Dave Barrett

“Where else would you do this? If you do this in a serious venue, it would sound smarmy, produced and self-conscious. The best way to get out of (trouble) and get a few laughs is to have a late-night comic helping you through.”

Robert Thompson

“She seems like she's a quiet little passenger. That might not sound like a compliment, but it is to me. She's doing good.”

Kathy Moore

“He sound more subdued than triumphant, more realistic than grandiose.”

Washington Post