Sound Related Quotes

“will sound like a celebration of racism.”

Carlos Mencia

“We knew the sound system would have to kick.”

Ann Fandozzi

“There is no sound for a moment, no breathing. And then a muffled scream, like she has pressed something to her mouth.”

Ann Freeman

“We're overjoyed that Rory has been released safe and sound. We'd like to thank all those in London, Dublin and Iraq who played a role in freeing him. Both British and Irish governments have been extremely helpful - as have many journalistic colleagues around the world and sympathetic groups and individuals in Baghdad.”

Alan Rusbridger

“It may sound simple, but we need to catch and throw. We also have to pick up some hits with runners in scoring position.”

Cooper Farris

“Notice carefully that sound judgment must precede the exercise of initiative”

Charles Gow

“I'm very interested in the color of sound. And I'm very interested in the juxtaposition of different things, ethnic instruments juxtaposed with symphonic instruments, and I'm interested in the ancient and the modern. I don't know why, but it has always been something that's fascinated me, from when I first heard a symphony orchestra I wanted to know how those sounds were made.”

Anne Dudley

“That may not sound like a huge amount of money but for some kids it may mean the money to buy all their books or pay for housing. Also, a lot of colleges and universities have become our collegiate partners and are offering scholarship recipients matching scholarships.”

Dan Jorgensen

“It does, on the face of it, anyway, sound like it's confined narrowly to address a particular problem.”

Peter Scheer

“We didn't shoot it like a real movie, ... We never set up lights, we didn't do anything elaborate with sound, we never did makeup or anything like that, because every time something like that happens, it's another layer of artifice.”

Paul Provenza