Speak Related Quotes

“O.J.'s decision to speak to NBC was based on a combination of factors. He has appreciated the network's fairness and objectivity. Since NBC was his most recent employer, he also feels some sense of obligation, in particular to some executives who've shown support for him in his darkest times.”

Carl Douglas

“Ah, did you once see Shelley plain, / And did he stop and speak to you / And did he speak to you again? / How strange it seems and new!”

Robert Browning

“He's certainly not polished. It remains to be seen if he can speak intelligently on any issue.”

Ed Patru

“We find the nests and speak to the farmers and we'll either mark the nests if there are eggs in it, or we'll pick up the chicks temporarily and then put them back.”

Robin Wynde

“I'm here to pass the baton, so to speak, to some of these new inductees, many of which are guys that I respect in the business as being truly revolutionary.”

Nolan Bushnell

“But I had a hard time finding anyone to integrate with culturally or even to speak to at first, and our real contacts came from outside the Montreal Jewish community.”

Damian Nisenson

“She's been wanting to get this over with and out of the way so to speak because everyone keeps asking her, when are you going to dunk in the game. I'm happy for her that she got to do that.”

Shanna Zolman

I like people who refuse to speak until they are ready to speak.

Lillian Hellman

“There's no end to anonymous sources who are happy to speak poorly about candidates running for office. I'm not able to change that. But I would say this: I really like where he is in this thing right now.”

Curt Anderson

“appreciated that a Christian would speak out.”

David Obey