Special Related Quotes

“We created it inside the ministry for special issues. When there is a (major) diplomatic issue, we just activate it.”

Michel Lu

“Incredible. You could sense that was something special as soon as it happened.”

Mike Scioscia

“They won't get any special privileges just because they were elected.”

Ofer Lefler

“He's been our go-to guy the last three years. He's a special player.”

Dan Denniston

“It was not the intent of our Special Investigations Division to become involved in a multi-year surveillance on this suspect. However, once the inquiry began, the excessive and continuous violations at [the] business involving Baker and his acquaintances quickly expanded into other areas and at least one other business. This required the investigation to last as long as it did.”

Greg Houghton

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.

Christopher Morley

“What an exciting moment, ... That (the ovation) was special.”

Aaron Small

“They've got Special Olympics in all 50 states. So, even if I have to leave this area, I'll still be a part of it.”

Chuck Martin

“It was extra special to see my kid hold up his fish and show them off to the guy who essentially kicked us off the boat.”

Kevin Flynn

“Shane Webster showed tonight what made him special when he was here. When you take down a good, solid college wrestler 12 times in a match they have to stop early, that's pretty impressive.”

Chuck Kearney