Special Related Quotes

“Anderson is a special kid. He's hungry for the ball, but he won't let you know. He never asks for it.”

Al Lang

“No such problem exists because ordinary people lack a special education and know little about the gist of the matter.”

Yelena Kvasnikova

“The special role of the dollar as the world's money removes all financial discipline from the United States and enables currency manipulation by other countries. This is the key Titanic-like flaw in the current system. It cannot last.”

Clyde Prestowitz

“It's a special win for me. Out of nowhere, I'm in the final.”

Stefan Koubek

“He always said how special it was to watch me play and I never understood it, but today I do.”

Caroline Daugherty

“To beat Roger is always special. Every match is different. This one was easy at first and then became really tough.”

Rafael Nadal

“It's Brian's 100th Test match, and we want to make it as special as we can -- both for him and for the team.”

Gus Logie

“May the Christian church never be regarded as a special interest group. We're here because we love our neighbor.”

Chuck Colson

“Over the last few years, operational demand for our special material decoys has grown significantly.”

David Price

“We did the first one as good as you can. You can't make the special effects any better. There was no reason to do it. They offered it to me years ago, and I just saw no reason to do it.”

Michael Douglas