Spectacular Related Quotes

There is no right or wrong angle for something. The idea of putting the camera in an unfamiliar position is simply to do with film language. Sometimes it is spectacular, sometimes it is ugly, sometimes it is uninteresting.

Steve Mcqueen

We ought not to be looking for something spectacular but rather develop a plan in conjunction with the White House to work our way out of this problem over the next six weeks.

Robert Teeter

“We haven't by no means had a spectacular year or even a decent year, and you can't really pit it on one person. We haven't run well, so we did some changes around. It's not like we brought in anybody different. We did some swapping around with the teams, and I think it will benefit us.”

David Stremme

“I've never worked where it was hard to be gay. Besides, being gay is a spectacular irrelevance to getting on with your life.”

Clive Barker

The best way to create spectacular results in the most important areas of your life is through daily practice

Robin Sharma

I am proud to say how many people I employ. And the United States first, second and third generation Mexicans are just beyond reproach, spectacular, spectacular hardworking people. I have such great respect for them and their strong values of family, faith and community.

Donald Trump

To see something spectacular and recognise it as a photographic possibility is not making a very big leap. But to see something ordinary, something you'd see every day, and recognize it as a photographic possibility - that is what I am interested in.

Stephen Shore

“I think it's been a spectacular hire. I don't know how you could define it any other way.”

David Schmidly

“The volatility we've seen in European bonds this year has been quite spectacular and it hasn't been a very good year. In the middle of the year, staying bullish in European bonds would have been one of the worst trades.”

Arup Ghosh

Some believers tend to forget God's persistent faithfulness in the face of the spectacular and showy.

Max Anders