Speed Related Quotes

“We put them on base, they have great team speed and use it well. They had some timely hits and some errors on our part.”

Matt Shippee

“When you see a little bit of that edge off, when he comes down into just warp speed, it gives you a little breath of life.”

Andre Agassi

“It's coming. I'm getting more adjusted every week to the speed of the game, seeing the field, knowing the cuts I have to make. It's really just vision and seeing what's happening on the field. In practice, it's one thing. In the games, that's where you really find out where you are.”

Ryan Moats

“All they want to do is maintain the same speed.”

Fadel Gheit

“For applications that needed the close-spaced gears of a 13, 15, or 18-speed transmission to ensure proper power, acceleration and maximum fuel economy, today's 10-speed may be the perfect fit, without the cost premium or operational complexity.”

Charlie Allen

“We have depth and we have speed. When we run on you and pressure you for 40 minutes, you're in for a long, hard day.”

Charli Turner Thorne

“We're deep on speed up front. That's the new game.”

Lindy Ruff

“We would see the light with our naked eye if the frame rate of the eye was the magnitude of the speed of light per second.”


“One of the things I'm blessed with is that I can go 10-11 deep. I'm able to rotate speed in there and keep speed. That was a big factor tonight.”

David Pickard

“They had a lot of speed, and they ran the ball well, ... They ran the ball mostly to the outside. That'll be our challenge, to stop their outside running.”

Charlie Bell