Spiritual Related Quotes

Canada is not really a place where you are encouraged to have large spiritual adventures.

Robertson Davies

If you play divine music, spiritual music, then you are bound to give and get satisfaction.

Sri Chinmoy

“The most powerful response to anything negative is no response at all. Great power is in the silence of the mind!”

William Paisley

I'm a very spiritual person. And it affects my work greatly.

Erin Davie

I can show you new things, have you feeling spiritual.


Your children are spiritual beings who come through you, not for you.

Wayne Dyer

We shouldn't come up with a pseudo-spiritual excuse for turning away from the pain of the world.

Marianne Williamson

Each one of us decides to incarnate upon this planet at a particular point in time and space. We have chosen to come here to learn a particular lesson that will advance us upon our spiritual, evolutionary pathway.

Louise L. Hay

Joy is spiritual and far grittier than happiness, and far more robust.

Laurel Mellin