Spread Related Quotes

“What happens in New Zealand is you get the invested capital spread across a number of ports as opposed to concentrated on one.”

Marcus Curley

“This will spread across the nation, because there's so much money that will come into schools as a result of doing this.”

Daniel Shearer

“To use a poker analogy, if the deck is a bit stacked against you, spread the deck on the table and let everyone see the cards,”

Charlie Ergen

“A personality that has contributed, in far away and difficult years, to spread and popularize in Italy the extraordinary artistic strength of jazz.”

Walter Veltroni

“It can spread through local spread, through blood circulation, and through the lymphatic system.”

Rhea Rosa

“The person recovered after two weeks and was well when released from hospital. There was no spread of SARS from this patient to his contacts.”

Richard Smallwood

“They are a little different from Carlyle. They are a little bigger and they spread the floor more with their big guys. We'll make some adjustments, but at this time of year, you just do what you do.”

Chad Cluver

“Once it starts, it is impossible to stop. But if we can catch it before it begins to spread widely, it can be stopped to the benefit of us all,”

Michael Leavitt

“Big is beautiful in this industry. The widest geographic and product spread in the industry means that the combined entity will be present in almost every operator and will have the most comprehensive offering.”

Richard Windsor

“There are more teachers here than there were last year. We spread the message out a little bit more.”

Carol Walker