Spread Related Quotes

“They went to four wide receivers and spread it out, ... They didn't give their tailbacks the ball really, other than a couple of check downs. All of a sudden, they got into a rhythm with the no-huddle. I think it minimized the effectiveness of Boston College's defense.”

Greg Robinson

“The company's public relations people spread the word that the super-heating and cooling had produced a strangely high-quality wine. They announced to the press, 'Of course, this is a very expensive way to produce fine wines, and the Association will certainly not endeavor to repeat their success.' These wines were supposedly cased with a special label as a souvenir of the disaster.”

Charles Sullivan

“The truth is, because of where the technology is now, the artists are really spread out.”

Charlie Huston

“The buyback program is quite solid and it is spread over an extended period.”

Adam Dixon

“They came out and spread the floor and held on to the ball. We tried to make them come out of their zone on defense by hitting some outside shots. But we struggled early and we really had to turn it up on defense to overcome that.”

Wil Smudde

“Unlike worms, it doesn't have a capability to replicate itself and so has to be manually spread by being spammed out deliberately, or people downloading it from a Web site.”

Graham Cluley

“The pedestrian fatalities were spread along Palm Beach Boulevard. They weren't concentrated in one area, which is why this project is important.”

Debbie Tower

“We really fill up on summer weekends. There are picnic tables spread throughout, but we also have four picnic shelters. A lot of people just enjoy sitting on a blanket on the ground.”

Emily Waugh

“He was facing down spread out. At that particular point I just grabbed him. I checked to see if I had a pulse I had a small pulse and I started doing the ABC's -- Airways Breathing and Circulation.”

Art Speight

“Masters, spread yourselves.”

William Shakespeare