Stabilizing Related Quotes

“It's better to get that stake in the ground and start working on it and stabilizing it.”

Michael Cherry

“Employment is improving, or at least stabilizing.”

Andrew Wallace

“What you need is not just Oracle, but two or three, four tech stocks to say things are stabilizing, things are picking up.”

Arthur Cashin

“The Bay Area is stabilizing as the economy is showing nice, steady growth -- unlike what was happening in the late 1990s.”

Chris Bates

“Things are stabilizing but there is still not a change that would suggest a major new spending cycle in tech.”

David Joy

“are a critical element of the nuclear triad and represent our most responsive, stabilizing and cost-effective strategic force.”

Conrad Burns

?I believe the Asian markets are stabilizing and if you look at the Japanese market, I think the market has put in a bottom in Japan as well and that cannot hurt the U.S. market in the intermediate term.?

Barry Hyman

“We've seen a stabilizing of the market. We're not seeing 80 or 100 percent increases.”

Larry Matheis

“I think the situation is stabilizing.”

Peter Feith

“should show signs of stabilizing.”

Ethan Harris