Stacked Related Quotes

“Our grand openings are stacked all day long with cars. It definitely creates a big buzz.”

Dave Morris

“I didn't know I was going to be featured. They stacked the box and the coaches left it up to the receivers to make plays down the field.”

Cedrick Wilson

“We think it's imperative they're released. They'd have a much better opportunity to find attorneys. The cards are really stacked against them.”

Cheryl Little

“He was not going to be intimidated by the established teams. He stacked the cards against his team to teach them adversity in basketball is like adversity in life.”

Christian J. Hoey

“One can envision using similar technique to produce stacked thin slices of integrated circuits into 3-D systems.”

Ming Wu

“In most designs, the cells are stacked so that the anode of one is wired to the cathode of the next cell, which gives you a series connection. But with our nano fuel cell design, you basically have all the cells sharing the same air and fuel reservoirs, which are outside the fuel cell array. So you can easily wire them in parallel or series.”

Kenneth Lux

“It's stacked. In this race, just to win a medal you've got to skate awesome.”

Casey Fitzrandolph

“There's no way to tell how it's going to shake out. The deck is stacked against local communities.”

Eric Burns

“Most of my catches came over the middle, out of a three-receiver set. They stacked up once or twice. They blitzed a guy guarding me.”

Noah Fehrenbach

“If you stacked regulations up, they would be about 5 feet tall, and there are so many regulations for small-business owners that half the time when they break regulations, they don't know they are doing it.”

Carl Gipson