Stacked Related Quotes

“We had him stacked and we didn't get it. I was a good match. I'm proud of the wrestlers and their accomplishments. We're excited about going to the state tournament.”

Chris Mary

“Let's face it. The deck is stacked against Africa. Europe and the rest of the developed world have the means of production, they have the capital.”

Charles Taylor

“Our grand openings are stacked all day long with cars. It definitely creates a big buzz.”

Dave Morris

“It's stacked. In this race, just to win a medal you've got to skate awesome.”

Casey Fitzrandolph

“They put a real physical front up there with backers stacked in the box and we were still able to establish our fullback for the whole game, ... When our O-line does their job and Paul (Rios) does his, that really opens up our play-action pass for big plays. And Bennett on the outside -- he does a special job out there.”

Steve Schultz

“In most designs, the cells are stacked so that the anode of one is wired to the cathode of the next cell, which gives you a series connection. But with our nano fuel cell design, you basically have all the cells sharing the same air and fuel reservoirs, which are outside the fuel cell array. So you can easily wire them in parallel or series.”

Kenneth Lux

“One can envision using similar technique to produce stacked thin slices of integrated circuits into 3-D systems.”

Ming Wu

“This weight class is stacked all the way through. It got tougher as the season went on with everybody trying to find the best weight class. I considered dropping to 112, but had to cut too much weight. I made it down for our first match and had no energy.”

Chris Sheetz

“There was a lot of fuel load, stuff in the garage, stuff stacked on the walls, on the dining room table. There was a lot of personal belongings just all over the place.”

Capt. Emmit Kane

“The process to get on the ballot is Pennsylvania is a stacked deck against any non-incumbent.”

Rick Lacey