Stan Related Quotes

“Stan Jonathan was one of the toughest guys I've ever seen, but after a fight his face would look like it had gone through a Mixmaster. Tie never got a scratch on him.”

Dick Todd

“Stan O'Neal has rehabilitated Merrill over the last several years, but where is the next growth area? That's what people are wondering.”

David Hendler

?I'm so proud of Stan.?

Ben Braun

“(Stan) had come east and we met at a spaghetti restaurant on 42nd Street and we were so poor we had to split one bowl between the three of us and one cigarette between the three of us.”

Carolee Schneemann

“The Minner administration and Stan Taylor have refused to lead, defending prison conditions and claiming it is not even a crisis, ... We are disgusted at this lack of action.”

Christopher Bullock

“After Stan passed away, I started the screenings as a way of keeping part of his Sunday salons alive, although we couldn't do it the same [without him]. It was kind of a labor of love. Stan meant a lot to me—in many ways he was like a father to me. So I wanted to do something every month which would give us a chance to watch his films, [without] making it an academic type of thing. It's a small group of people, and we encourage students and the public to come. I started it in 2003, and it's been going well since then.”

Suranjan Ganguly

“Stan never liked the Bruins.”

Ray Jacques

“We just had to put it in the hands of the Lord. We knew Stan was doing what he wanted to do, so we just prayed a lot and asked the Lord to take care of him.”

Lynne Shuttleworth

“His name is N. Stan Replay.”

Pat Johnson

“I had a discussion about it over a plate of soup with Stan,”

Gordon Strachan