Stands Related Quotes

“That's his wife. That's entirely different. [He] was worried about Kendra. That's why he went in the stands, he saw her falling back.”

Larry Brown

“We turn up great evidence that stands up in court.”

Xavier Von Erck

“Anything that stands still feels like it is going to get taken over. It's interesting how these companies are splitting out.”

Gary Dugan

“One thing that stands out throughout the entire year was that in South Dakota we are much more united than we are divided. Now the divided part creates news, but the united part is what moves us forward.”

Mike Rounds

“Ivana loves the show and she stands behind it, ... I think of my relationship with Ivana as one that is going to last a long time. I've attached myself to the more lovable Trump.”

Scott Stone

“St. Paul's Chapel stands -- without so much as a broken window, ... little miracle.”

Rudy Giuliani

“The data that stands out is the gasoline inventories, which are up more than twice what was expected. The initial reaction is a little negative due to huge increase in gasoline.”

Mike Driscoll

“That's the number one thing they did. They could have forgotten about the (stands) and just done a new turf. You've still got injuries but it was worse when we had the carpet out there.”

Yvenson Bernard

“Thou wert best set - thy lower part where thy nose stands”

William Shakespeare

“(The parish) stands to benefit and must be positioning itself to take up the opportunity accruing from the potential that will come with the island hosting its share of the World Cup events.”

Courtney Brown