Start Related Quotes

“We believe most of the transition is going to start this summer.”

Robert Wise

“At the start of the election year, to have the governor still be up (by) double digits after all of the hoopla about Swann, I think is significant. But of course, the race is just beginning, so we have a long way to go.”

Clay Richards

“We pressed and were able to create some turnovers and from there, they had to start fouling.”

Gary Beutler

“We've been getting in the habit of expecting to lose the third game. We need to start putting teams away and in three after winning the first two games.”

David Kennedy

“I think the California game was actually a big start for us.”

Christian Moody

“The telephone stocks had a good run at the start of the week, so investors are taking their profits.”

Marcos Basaglia

“It was totally unexpected. We got off to a bad start and never recovered.”

Charles Smith

“If we get to the end of February and I've only skied a couple, I'll start to worry. I need to stay positive. The silver lining is that it is snowing, so there will be a longer spring for skiing.”

Chris Davenport

“It's easy to say that, but what happens if we start doing that continuously and then, all of a sudden, people are putting a deaf ear to when we actually have a problem? We don't want to do that so much that people are getting numb to the real thing.”

Lt. Ruben Diaz

“We don't expect it to go the whole way ... but it has to start on the path of going the whole way,”

Chuck Schumer