Start Related Quotes

“The IRS suspects there's something wrong, or they wouldn't have picked you to start with. Taxpayers just prolong the process.”

Fred Daily

“I had about $4,000 to start it out with, and I wasn't about to buy a phone system, so I figured I'd just make one.”

Mark Spencer

“It's very nice to finish with the best-ever season here, especially after the bad start. We still have two more games left and we'll try our best to get 76 points.”

David Vyborny

“Hughesy has trained again and he might just have to start.”

Stephen Hughes

“We ran into a team that's really good. Nowadays, when the playoffs start, there's no underdogs.”

Chris Osgood

“When you are playing from behind you start to panic sometimes and maybe take more penalties and you're not as confident. You don't want to make a mistake and give up that fourth one.”

Sidney Crosby

“It's hard to have to start the season playing the number one preseason favorite on the road (Wayne State). It'll be tough but we'll get it out of the way.”

Curt Fredrickson

“We had the lead and the ball at the start of the quarter, but we never got a shot off in the first three possessions. Rogers made plays to retake the lead and we could not answer. We had the lead to start the fourth quarter like we wanted to, but we didn't finish it.”

Randy Loyd

“They started off hot. But what counts is the fourth quarter and how you finish. It's not how you start; it's how you finish.”

Mike Rucker

“It's nice to know that the opportunity to start is there and I'm excited about it, but I've got to go to spring training and play hard every day. I can't go in with the attitude that I have the club made. A lot of things can happen and I'm trying to be as prepared as possible.”

Chris Duffy