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“The suspect appeared a bit unstable. As soon as the officer touched the suspect, he started flailing around.”

Kelly Baraga

“I had Bill and Dave walk up the driveway and go into the old garage, and they started reminiscing,”

David Kirby

When I started off in DC, you didn't get viral first. You got funny first.

Donnell Rawlings

“It has been a good building for our system until we started to grow. As our system has grown, we've had growing pains, and there's no place to grow.”

Connie Jones

“We played them to shoot 27 percent by completely defending the paint. Once they started raining 3's, it put our game plan right in the garbage.”

Mike Rathgeber

“My wife saw the building for sale and we thought Main Street was a great location. I started my business from scratch.”

Yianni Smiliotopoulos

Rumor, once started, rushes on like a river, until it mingles with, and is lost in the sea.

Antoine Rivarol

Vision gets the dreams started.

Emmitt Smith

I started to earn money because we didn't have money.

Debbie Reynolds

“We started to play up to our capabilities and our expectations, and it started to come together, ... I just thought we'd be tough when we put our pitching and our offense together. When you have those pistons firing all together, it produces wins.”

Casey Blake