Starter Related Quotes

“More troublesome is the inability to find affordable starter homes.”

Glenn Crellin

“It was my first camp as a starter. I'll always remember that, just because I have been waiting for this my entire life. I felt like I really grabbed hold of the team. I didn't know how they were going to respond to me. I knew I had a lot of friends out here, and I knew I had a good rapport with a lot of them, but I'm just really pleased with how the guys have my back.”

Sam Keller

“I think he's very well prepared because of the fact that he played earlier. Having been a starter as a freshman in basketball and football, it prepared him to play with (older) guys. He's not intimidated.”

Kent Johnson

“I think we're close. You almost wish we could get that front-line starter, somebody that's always on everybody's No. 1 wish list. Getting that one more starter is a big deal.”

Sean Casey

“A lot of the starter homes are on the smaller end, a little bit older.”

Amy Cutts

“I know I have a job. I'm a starter. That's what they signed me here to be.”

Ryan Franklin

“He did so well, I made him our Game 1 starter in the playoffs. He impressed me enough to do that.”

Xavier Hernandez

“This case is a non-starter that has political appeal,”

Jacob Frenkel

“With 65 pitches, my goal as a starter would be to get into the fifth inning. You would have to really be sharp with the command, but that would be something to shoot for.”

Calvin Maduro

“It's, at the moment, only a concept. Basically until this season, Matt's been a starter. We're looking at the best way to maximize how we use him. We haven't made up our minds yet.”

Dan O'brien