Starts Related Quotes

“If Patrick starts the match, I will understand completely. I have only just come back from injury . . . and he has a good understanding with Cris. But I really want to play against AC Milan. It will be a hell of a scrap.”

Claudio Cacapa

“[The local event starts at the Beach Strip pumphouse (located between Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital and the canal lift bridge.] It's a beautiful location, ... We have pictures showing the route to people whose events are away from the lake and they are very envious.”

Michael Westcott

“This is a further advancement of the date at which the Fed starts to raise rates,”

David Kelly

“Coming off the starts that I had, I wasn't where I needed to be. We needed this one.”

David Kopp

“When it's 150, it starts to get uncomfortable to hold it. You can't leave your hand on the milk pitcher for too long.”

Ryan Brown

“He's got a natural stroke. He's a rhythm-type shooter. If he gets hot... and starts feeling it, he's going to fill it up.”

Gary Payton

“It's a five-on-five, full contact game. There are two 10-minute halves. Each half starts after the ball's thrown into the middle of the pool, and two players sprint to reach it. There aren't a lot of injuries at all, but if there's an injury, it's usually during the sprint.”

Alan Lamb

“It's one thing to be backstage and in a dressing room. But, when the beat starts going ...”

Shawn Turner

?When he comes to the club and starts a new job he gives 100 percent and expects 100 percent back,?

Baltemar Brito

“Looking long term and assuming the LVMH joint venture comes to fruition and actually starts to generate value, then I would perhaps have put a long term valuation on De Beers of $60 a share,”

Charles Kernot