State Related Quotes

“He is the most technical wrestler on our team and should definitely compete for the state title.”

Erick Jensen

“JUSTICE, n. A commodity which is a more or less adulterated condition the State sells to the citizen as a reward for his allegiance, taxes and personal service.”

Ambrose Bierce

“The state tends to expand in proportion to its means of existence and to live beyond its means, and these are, in the last analysis, nothing but the substance of the people. Woe to the people that cannot limit the sphere of action of the state! Freedom, private enterprise, wealth, happiness, independence, personal dignity, all vanish.”

Frederic Bastiat

“In the last ten years, it has become the playground for the tri state. Mardi Gras last 12 days, but down here it lasts 365 days a year. People are moving out; they can't sleep. It is ruining our quality of life.”

Sean Sweeney

“Ohio State is five points away from being undefeated and a top?five team.”

Steve Alford

I was so used to going out and winning state championships and playing in the postseason.

Lebron James

“I think Luna will be back pretty soon. Travis was an all-state third baseman in high school. He can do it. He just hasn't been playing over there [for] a while.”

Wayne Graham

“Sales of gas-inefficient large SUVs are in a state of near-collapse this month. It seems likely that the shift in the sales mix away from large SUVs will persist and continue to damage Detroit's profit margins in the process.”

David Healy

“Our goal coming in was to win league and make a run at the state title. We aren't satisfied yet. We have bigger things to accomplish.”

Matt Wright

“We've got a lot of young ones, but we've got a lot of guys that have state championship experience. We're still doing too much individually and not sticking to the game plan.”

Chris Pratt