States Related Quotes

“If we do a new plant, we would consider Michigan, along with other states.”

Dennis Cuneo

I don't think Russia could start a war by attacking any of the NATO member states.

Milos Zeman

I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel, within secure borders.

Nelson Mandela

“The period of forecasted warm weather in the United States has been extended to the first four weeks of the new year. This has driven the price of all energy commodities down.”

Dariusz Kowalczyk

“We're looking to get more wins on the board and get a better seeding in the states. We'd also like to get back into the Shorelines. We took a year off from that last season.”

James Larkin

“Now we can do a case almost anywhere in the United States.”

Chris Bagby

And the United States of America should have been at the front of that line. And was not. ...

Kimberley Strassel

The United States government has the obligation to educate all young people in this country.

Al Sharpton

“All of the surrounding states have gotten it together. South Carolina has not.”

Caroline Seigler

“Energy and fuel prices continue to rise, triggering fuel consumption concerns in the United States.”

Dieter Zetsche