Status Related Quotes

“When told me they couldn't live in an independent Kosovo, if this is the outcome of the status process, I told them: This is your decision, we cannot force you to stay.”

Albert Rohan

“[The long-term status of Letterman is unclear. After spurning an offer to jump to ABC, the host renewed his CBS contract in a deal that the network says will carry him through 2007.] How long he will continue is entirely up to Dave, ... I don't see any sign of him stepping down.”

Rob Burnett

“Lebanon should not remain an open battlefield against Israel and this state-within-state status should end.”

Walid Jumblatt

I'm running for president because I've had enough of the oil barons, the status-quo apologists, the special-interest lobbyists running amok.

Dick Gephardt

“We will see if we can get him up to speed and practice will ultimately determine (his status for Sunday).”

Danny Maciocia

“By applying proprietary mapping technologies, we can show the location and status of offenders and predators in any area.”

Alec Rosen

“Harrison County is fortunate that you guys are in a financial status you can guarantee it.”

Dan Barry

I would like to see the Iraqi government guarantee social insurance for the Yazidi women who were enslaved and to recognise their status as prisoners of war.

Yanar Mohammed

What I want is not to become a status symbol, but to give beauty at a price.

Elsa Peretti

This isn't a game. We don't want mediocre employees who can keep the status quo. We want souls. We want to win. And you've spent most of your time here being mediocre.

Richelle Mead