Stay Related Quotes

“Reservoirs aren't supposed to stay full. Through April, we were bulging at the core. And then along come the middle of May, and it started drying up. We're right where we should be.”

Michael Barnes

“I shall stay the way I am because I do not give a damn.”

Dorothy Parker

“I kept telling our kids not to press and just stay relaxed against a pitcher like that.”

Chris Kubbs

?I got a hold of it. I didn't think it was going to stay fair, but it did.?

Bengie Molina

“The government wants us stay in place and the WFP wants to stay.”

Christiane Berthiaume

“Papers should never stay on a flat surface. Deal with them immediately and keep that desk surface clear.”

Jamie Novak

“We'll follow them for as long as the tags last or as long as they stay in the system -- probably 15 to 18 months.”

Wade Bales

“It is a readjustment. We're going to stay here and I think we will survive this, but it won't be easy.”

Dave Mccullough

“I just tried to stay focused, stay in the game (after the throwing error). We need this conference win.”

Aaron Johnson

“It was no good marking Foggy because once he started to run you had to stay with him and not many people could.”

Jack Charlton