Stay Related Quotes

“These are all issues that we stay in close contact with them on and we'll continue to do so.”

Scott Mcclellan

“They don't want to keep me and I don't want to stay.”

Emmanuel Petit

“A lot of people from our church are offering people places to stay.”

Carolyn Nalley

“I need to be able to stay on [McNamara's] hip and not give him any open looks.”

Marcus Williams

“Georgia pitched very well the last two days. They're what you call a dangerous' team. If they stay healthy, they'll be a big factor.”

Ron Polk

“It's just a blast to stay here. You can go to the pool in the morning and the afternoon. And a lot of our fans from Southern California are here.”

Karch Kiraly

“The shelter was an abandoned Wal-mart. Another shelter I worked in (halfway through her stay) was a former textile factory.”

Dr. Josephine Beebe

“Angelo is a big guy. I have to use my quickness to my advantage, stay away from his big stuff, and score when I can.”

Pat Cummins

“The question was would it (money) stay in this community, ... It was said that it would be used to help those who are helping evacuees.”

Cheryl Brown

“Marist just wanted it more. We need to stay hungry. I know this team is not satisfied with 11 wins.”

Andre Collins