Stayed Related Quotes

“You would have stayed out of them the last five years,”

Stephen Barnes

The basis of everything that I plugged into when I was younger was blues, and it always stayed with me.

Eric Burdon

I think I went to Italy initially for the art, architecture, food and history, but I stayed there because of the people in Cortona.

Frances Mayes

“I stayed calm and patient and didn't get upset with the conditions.”

Lee Westwood

He built a small house, called a cocoon, around himself. He stayed inside for more than two weeks. Then he nibbled a hole in the cocoon, pushed his way out and... he was a beautiful butterfly!

Eric Carle

I stayed in Hamburg a few more days, and during that time I received a visit from Rolf Aldag, the sporting director at T-Mobile. He advised me to tell the truth.

Patrik Sinkewitz

There is a very strong theatre-going tradition in Moscow. It has stayed strong.

Dasha Zhukova

“Hamilton wrestled a smart match and really stayed on the offensive. He really took it to J.C. and got the takedowns when he needed. J.C. is always in the match so it was competitive throughout. Hopefully that's the last time we see J.C. this year.”

Steve Giordano

When I see friends from school I think they've all grown old and I've stayed the same.

Steve Coogan

I just remembered songs my grandmother taught me, and songs that I learned for the recordings. But, then I learned to speak Italian. When I was there, I hired a professor who stayed with me 24 hours a day. She wouldn't let me speak a word of English.

Connie Francis