Staying Related Quotes

“They have a consistent message, and they're staying on course.”

Patrick Campbell

“These candidates are staying away from Bush in public because the president's policies are not a very strong platform to run on in 2006.”

Phil Singer

“I use computers for email, staying current with my own website as well as finding important information through other websites. I also use it for creating MP3 files of new music I'm working on.”

Clint Black

“We've been staying up-tempo, pushing the ball up the floor. We really don't have a great inside presence where we want to slow down and play half-court basketball. We want to play an 84-foot ball game and stretch it out. I really feel that was a big part of the game. (Enterprise) got tired.”

Peter Arnold

“Isn't it only natural to leave a place where one is so bitterly hated?...The heroism involved in staying put in spite of it all is the heroism of a cockroach, which also won't be driven out of the bathroom.”

Franz Kafka

“We are staying very committed to our 12-34 demographic. Since I've gotten here that's been the mantra -- to rebuild and replenish new, ongoing long-term hits. We're in a place of rebuilding.”

David Janollari

“He is definitely the best (on the team) at keeping his composure, staying focused, and on task during his matches. When I say his name, I always think of toughness. He is extremely mentally tough for his age.”

Lee Thompson

“That's why I'm staying. To make things less interesting.”

Fred Davis

“They're not going to be real sympathetic for you staying at the old rate,”

Catherine Williams

“Our current economic forecast sees 30-year mortgage rates staying in their current and attractive range of six to seven percent for the rest of the year.”

Frank Nothaft