Steady Related Quotes

“They're seeking accelerated growth rates and we're trying to maintain our steady minimal growth rates. Their philosophy is having a detrimental effect on our costs for services. You have to stand up and defend your residents.”

Commissioner Lee Weberman

“If certain guys step forward and assert themselves I think you'll see a more steady rotation but until that happens I'm going to keep trying to find who's playing well on a given night and who's got there head in the right place.”

Quin Snyder

“Today convenience is the success factor of just about every type of product and service that is showing steady growth.”

Charles G. Mortimer

“A quarter-point rate hike would send a message of steady as she goes.”

Larry Wachtel

“Machinery makers are enjoying steady increases in their production. Japan's strong economy is boosting domestic demand.”

Yoshihisa Okamoto

“Our sales have pretty well held steady.”

Chuck Keller

“We don't view cyclicality or volatility as a negative. Some of the businesses are cyclical and some are steady but Tyco is in a good position in them and they make good money.”

Ron Muhlenkamp

“They're as pleasantly surprised as anybody that the numbers are where they are. They've been very steady, very consistent. They're for real.”

Rick Comley

“He's given momentum to an important part of the president's agenda. We see steady momentum building in his favor.”

Dan Bartlett

“John's playing really well. He's been very solid and steady, and if he's not able to go, definitely that's going to hurt a little bit.”

Ron Turner