Steady Related Quotes

“The market is down from its high a bit, but still pretty steady. I don't know if you see any particular trend anywhere.”

Curt Lee

“Eddie has probably been our biggest surprise so far. He's been our most steady player.”

David Ferrell

“I think I realized around hole 14 that Virginia wasn't going to mess up. She was playing steady; she was playing safe. I started playing for second (place) around there.”

Ashley Knoll

“You need a steady crowd to keep the place open. Believe it or not, a lot of them listen to [the bands].”

Eddie Clark

“They hope an agreement will make the situation clear, so as to create a steady development environment for the Sino-US textile trade.”

Cao Xinyu

“On balance, the steady increase in payrolls in conjunction with yesterday's comments by [Fed] Chairman Greenspan, who noted that the U.S. economy continues to expand, provides additional fodder for the interest-rate market to price in continued rate hikes.”

Charmaine Buskas

“Today convenience is the success factor of just about every type of product and service that is showing steady growth.”

Charles G. Mortimer

“This is very much a case of 'steady as she goes'. Trading in the first four months is in line with our expectations and we are pleased with our performance in both winning new business and in retaining existing contracts.”

Michael Bailey

“Our prognosis for a continued and steady recovery is being realized and the outlook remains bright.”

Greg Stuart

“It was quite steady play and I made quite a few putts. It's funny because I was wondering whether I was going to play. It became quite large and quite painful. I saw the doctor on Monday and it got quite bad on Wednesday and Thursday.”

David Lynn