Stepped Related Quotes

“Everybody stepped up in the first half, but I told our team that we had played great for 16 minutes in previous games and that we needed to be ready for a run in the second half.”

Curt Ziegmont

“ Wilkinson acknowledges, ''but I mostly side-stepped them. Still, in any relationship, including marriage, issues arise when the balance changes drastically or great success is achieved suddenly. It's only natural. You're both moving toward the same point, and some accommodation must be made. In my case, I grew out of being Bill's son to being something like a friend and colleague.”

William Maxwell

“Somebody was going to pick it up. Actually, everybody stepped up.”

Matt Gray

“Then he hit some cold winners and flattened some out. He just goes for it and stepped it up when he had to.”

Lleyton Hewitt

“She stepped up big. In the second quarter, she got into a flow. She felt confident and hit some big shots.”

Ed Pultz

“the greatest team that ever stepped out onto the floor.”

James Naismith

“I'm disappointed, because we're a little banged up. But, I'm still happy with how others have stepped up in the program.”

Phil Mason

“I was just so lucky to have her. When we played Randolph, we needed scoring and she stepped up and scored 12 of her 18 points in the fourth quarter. And when we needed to get other people involved, she'd do that.”

Mark Mooney

“I was proud of him. His starting spot was on the line, and he stepped up and gave up seven solid innings.”

Gary Powers

“We knew we were going to be short-handed, being that Chris wasn't playing, and other guys stepped up and played big for us.”

Allen Iverson