Story Related Quotes

“Execution is the story. It's not just what the orders are. It's what you can make out of them.”

Cai Von Rumohr

“Everyone's life-story begins and ends the same way; birth then death. What you do in between is what makes your story unique.”

Maria G. Tinajero

“The 'created by' and not 'written by' is intentional. This is not really our story.”

Sam Goller

“Tyler is a story of perseverance. He came in as a walk-on, and even then we weren't sure if we had enough room for him to be here. But he had that desire to be on the team. And my philosophy is if a player really wants to be here, we'll give him a shot. He's been patient enough to pay his dues.”

Dale Lennon

“That tells the story,”

Phil Garner

Mankind has probably done more damage to the Earth in the 20th century than in all of previous human history.

Jacques Yves Cousteau

“I was looking for an interesting story and exceptionally exotic characters,”

Martin Charnin

“Tom told me this wonderful story about how Ernie and his wife invited Tom and his wife over in Florida one time for a dish of ice cream. Who in this day invites you over for a dish of ice cream. Just wonderful.”

Ernie Harwell

“The only way I could tell the story was to intensify it, and shed anything that didn't serve that, ... It all flows very well, so you kind of forget what is actually missing.”

Emma Watson

“It's unfortunate but he's suspended indefinitely, and he's probably finished unless something reveals a different story from what happened.”

Steve Spurrier