Story Related Quotes

“It's a heart breaking story. He has nothing. All he has is his girlfriend and bastard child It's OK as long as he's got the one thing he has. It's devastating to think he's lost his family to those superiors.”

Cathia Pagotto

“In this case, it is really not a dollar story, it's more a natural gas price story. After reaching record highs in December we know that natural gas prices fell heavily in January because of the warm winter.”

Doug Porter

“Licensing is the story. All that other growth from services and maintenance comes from having new software business.”

David Hilal

“It's been tough this year, it's been tough. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you a story. It's been tough, and our kids struggled. But it's a tribute to them how they hung together.”

Al Gooden

“That's the kind of story that's yet to be written. All we can say is what we've done to this point. And Ron has helped us reclaim a season that was headed for oblivion.”

Geoff Petrie

“There's a bit more hopelessness involved in the enterprise right now. As we watch this story played out, there is despair at the center of it. Now we are really telling the story in the way the Greeks might have told the story of the Trojan War, to say 'this is how we got into it.”

Daniel Sullivan

“We got that prayer answered tonight. Actually, I thought we played well enough during most of the game to win pretty easily. We missed a ton of easy shots, but that's been the story of this team. We've been inconsistent. We look like a million bucks one night and not so good the next.”

Steve Jaskulske

“I tried very hard not to disturb the cast. We designed the story to fit the town, ... incorporate much of their own lives into the story.”

Steven Soderbergh

“I couldn't be more excited for her. It's really a fairy-tale story.”

Gunnar Brolinson

“The Crimson has not received any official complaint about the article and we stand by the story.”

William Marra