Strategic Related Quotes

“Obviously, we feel very good about our location. It is strategic to a number of densely populated areas.”

Rob Stillwell

“We have a very small stake in the company, which is a strategic investment that was made a while back but, as far as I know, there aren't any plans beyond that.”

Daniel Alegre

“Hawaii is in a very strategic location and unfortunately that strategic location brings a great deal of marine debris to the wonderful, beautiful shores that we treasure.”

Conrad Lautenbacher

“well into an investment cycle that should lead to long-term consistent growth from a stable of high quality strategic businesses.”

Chris Corrigan

“We want the strategic partners to improve our shareholders' structure, capital is not the main concern.”

Yang Chao

“We have not had a strategic road map with clear expectations for the membership.”

Charlotte Westerhaus

“This divestiture continues the execution of our strategic plan, which is aimed at making Heinz a more focused, faster-growing and higher-margin company.”

William Johnson

“It's an interesting move - I don't think anyone expected them to withdraw from mining. It may indicate a strategic call that the precious metal bull run is over.”

Leon Esterhuizen

“This announcement highlights the momentum we've achieved both in launching new broadband services and working with strategic partners in the digital media space, to ensure that our high-quality, informative and entertaining content is available to consumers whenever and wherever they choose.”

Anne Sweeney

“We think this is a great strategic move, but the valuation may be questionable, ... It's a great strategic move by Sun, in that Sun is taking a stake in the emerging appliance market that could threaten their proprietary server business in the long run.”

Don Young