Stretch Related Quotes

“It was sort of the story of our season down the stretch.”

Pat Hill

“We needed somebody to step up and make plays during the playoff stretch. Hopefully I can continue to do this throughout the playoffs.”

Dewayne White

“Rouse got it done down the stretch.”

Ron Jirsa

“With the exception of a bad four-game stretch, I competed really well. I felt I did a lot of things well. In the third set I decided to try to take it to him more and hit harder and deeper.”

Andy Roddick

“It's a very charming movie about the mob - a real stretch for me.”

James Caan

“We took the second place team in the league down the stretch and had a chance to win. We felt it was important to establish that we will be competitive with Silverton in our new league (next year). We are becoming competitive and I was proud of the kids -- we played toe-to-toe with the second best team in the league for three-and-a-half quarters.”

Dan Boyd

“He (Mourning) came in there in that fourth quarter for about a four or five minute stretch where his intensity and his energy were more hurtful than anything. Not only did it energize the crowd, but it energized the other players on his team.”

Damon Jones

“I hope that it doesn't stretch all of our assets to the brink.”

Charles Melancon

“When I went by the leader at the top of the stretch, she did it well within herself.”

Stewart Elliott

“We understand we have to scratch and claw our way to every one of these victories down the stretch. It feels real good to know that we're still in the hunt. We feel we're absolutely a playoff-caliber team, even though we're a young team. And we know we have to go out there and prove that.”

Rasual Butler