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“They really seem to pressure the ball, so we should be able to run our stuff. Though if we shoot like we did on Tuesday, I think we prefer they play zone.”

Kent Houser

“The stuff he was throwing tonight was as good as you're going to see in this league.”

Shawn Green

“If the garage is full of stuff, the seller is saying there's no storage in this house.”

Cindy Sullivan

“We've just got too much stuff going on right now. We need to go slower. We need to have time to make reasoned decisions about what we are going to allow.”

Chris Bendon

“'This is what you should grow,' he told me. 'I paid $4 a pound for this stuff.”

Rich Collins

“He liked to shoot guns and ride motorcycles. You know, typical guy stuff.”

Susan Jackson

“I mean, Joel talks to the actors more than I do and I probably do production stuff a little more than he does.”

Ethan Coen

“It was good to sit there and ask them questions about the stuff that they are doing and what we are doing and about their school as well. We do the exact same thing you guys are doing in this program, just on a larger scale.”

Donnie Edwards

“He hooked me up with tickets and helped me get some stuff signed. He's a great guy, very down to earth.”

Paul Maholm

“There is a lot of stuff that was written around his reiteration of our existing positions that I can only nicely characterize as editorializing.”

Paul Otellini