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Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing

Charles Bukowski

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“What we're able to announce from Sunday is daily radio programming, covering both news and more feature-style material, covering both developments in the EU and Belarus. And for TV, a weekly half-hour program covering the same kind of agenda.”

Emma Udwin

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“To me it seems that one of the most important requisites for a great poet is a luminous style. The elements of poetry lie in natural objects, in the vicissitudes of human life, in the emotions of the human heart, and the relations of man to man.”

William Cullen Bryant


“Jerry got a job playing at this club, but the owner hated his loud style, so he had the manager fire him. When the manager let Jerry go, he asked if there was anyone who could step in. Jerry immediately recommended Dean.”

Sonny King


Fashion is what people tell you to wear. Style is what comes from your own inner thing.

Pauline Trigere

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Style is time's fool. Form is time's student

Stewart Brand

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A country, a style or an epoch are interesting only for the idea behind them.

Christian Dior

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“Leone had a great sense of style, a love for and an understanding of Hollywood Westerns and a unique vision of the Wild West.”

Sir Christopher Frayling

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“I don't believe in changing my style because something's a trend, ... People are mislead: They think because it's a trend, they should do it. And it's not going to work.”

Rachel Zoe

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“We'd want the buildings there to be in the Victorian style and perhaps have the business owners living above their shops.”

Carl W. Block

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